Karsten Korbøl and Miguel Monteiro de Barros Join EUSTORY’s Steering Committee

EUSTORY Steering Committee
EUSTORY Steering Committee | Photos clockwise: Fritt Ord/Caroline Reistad; private; Körber-Stiftung/Claudia Höhne; Mandel Foundation/School for Educational Leadership

On the Annual Network Meeting in Lisbon in May 2017, EUSTORY competition organisers elected a new Steering Committee. For the next year, representatives from Portugal, Norway and Israel will set the strategic agenda for EUSTORY, be involved in decisions about membership, as well as in overseeing the general activities of the Network.

Karsten Korbøl is teacher for the didactics of history at the Institute for Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Oslo. He holds a degree in History, worked as teacher in a Secondary School and is a consultant for history textbooks. Since 2006 he is the coordinator of the Norwegian History Competition at Fritt Ord, which is a founding member of the EUSTORY Network.

Miguel Monteiro de Barros is President of the Portuguese History Teacher’s Association (APH) and hosted the 2017 Annual Network Meeting in Lisbon. He has worked as a teacher and teacher trainer for more than 25 years. He promoted the source-based approach towards historical learning as an author of two history textbooks and as an APH representative at several International conferences. The Portuguese EUSTORY competition, which is represented by him, started in 2014 as part of the Iberian competition, which is a project that is run together with the Spanish partner institution Real Maestranza de Caballeria de Ronda.

The Steering Committee is completed by Shamir Yeger, initiator and member of the steering committee of the Israeli History Competition, who continues his work in the EUSTORY Steering Committee which he joined in 2016.

Katja Fausser, Managing Director of EUSTORY at the Körber Foundation, is the Committee’s spokesperson. She remarked, “We are very happy to once again have found a dedicated group of history educators who want to shape EUSTORY’s agenda for the next year.“

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